Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SUSTAINable living - in its true sense

We have spoken so much about sustainability in the last couple of weeks. Sustainable living, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable cities, towns, sustainable measures, et al. The term is definitely no longer alien to us.

Having discussed at length about sustainable living in the last few days, we are now going a step further. 

We connected with people who are actually living a sustainable lifestyle. Two microbiologists who are born and brought up in a typical city lifestyle; consciously made a choice to shed their urban ways of living and hug the nature, literally! Having bought a couple acres of land near Pune, they started practising a simple sustainable lifestyle. Right from building their own mud house (by hands), farming for a living, processing their own farm produce, growing vegetables organically, to selling home-made products for a living, these siblings have nailed it totally.

Samuchit is making a tempting offer to you - meet this duo, experience their lifestyle first-hand, see how they operate an absolute sustainable life, and spend a day with them. 
Interact with them - what drove them to take this decision? How do they manage so beautifully to live off the land? What are the challenges and their compromises? Know their journey. 
Be ready to get inspired! :-)

Keep watching our further blogs for more details.



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