Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday quiz - a different question this time

We are trying to place questions that challenge your environment related knowledge, of India. Try taking our weekly quiz without googling the answers to check your own knowledge!

Q: An index was recently published which stated the least populated countries of the world. The options are placed below. Tell us which ones you think is topping the list of sparsely populated countries in the world!

1) Botswana
2) Dominica
3) Vatican City
4) Monaco

We await correct answers!

Last week's answer: With two national parks and two wildlife sanctuaries, Madhya Pradesh has the most dense blanket of forests - an impressive 7.75 million hectares. Arunachal Pradesh finishes second, with 6.68 million hectares; whereas Chhattisgarh, Maharaashtra and Orissa end up in third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

    Samuchit Enviro Tech. 

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