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This is the last post on the Socio-Economic survey data for Ghole Road ward in Pune. The survey was conducted as part of Sustainably Smart Pune study project to understand how the various city services are accessed by people of different income groups. Today’s survey data for discussion is a)Electricity b)Internet and Phone Connectivity and c) Service Ratings. 

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Electricity connection is almost 100% in the surveyed area with only 1 LIG HH and 3 slum HH  without  connection( on inquiry, these 4 HH reported that they did not wish to have a connection). Two percentage HHs (household) responded claimed to have illegal connection. 

When we analyze the electricity consumption rate, a large percentage of HIG HHs consume 200-300 units per month. The same is 100-200 units for MIG and LIG HHs. Slum HHs consumes 50-100 units per month on an average. 

Almost all households had more than 3 electricity powered appliances.  More than 90% of the surveyed HH had a TV, Fan and Mixi.  Look at the whopping number of appliances!


63% HHs have some form of internet connection as Wifi, Broadband or Mobile internet. 37% HHs still don’t have any form of internet connection. These are mainly Slum and LIG HHs and retired couples.

For phone connection, except 3% HHs, rest all had landline and/or mobile phone connection. There is 95.5% mobile phone connectivity across income groups. Most of the HIG HHs have both landline and mobile phone connectivity. Slum and LIG HHs have more than 94% mobile phone connectivity. 


Residents were asked to rate the various services in the city. Transportation was rated the lowest followed by sanitation, water supply and safety. 

In this 7 blog series of data analysis, main topics of the survey were presented. We have more related data and if any of you would like to access it, feel free to email us. We would be happy to share it. 

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