Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My City My Responsibility: Walk the talk

Dear All, 

This is my first blog entry. I am going to post under this heading every Tuesday and share with you about how we can do our bit to make our city a livable place. 

Being born and brought up in the city I am an authentic Puneite but not a typical Puneri I mean ''Sadashiv pethi''. Pune being a multi cultural city it invites diverse cultures, food, music, rituals, clothing, way of life etc. I believe that transforming has been the way of life for us as we are constantly changing. 

I am a naturalist by passion and love to observe nature and the way it keeps on changing and accommodating us and our wastes. My passion got transformed into my profession when I chose the path to be an Environmentalist. I believe that as much as human beings are the stakeholders of the city, other forms also significantly contribute to our city. The trees, birds, insects, the animals, the buildings, the roads, the modes of transport and not to forget the Climate which is rapidly changing at the rate with which we cannot even cope up. 

Change is evident and I feel that in order to make the change a better one for all of us, we need to look at the changes from a Sustainability lens. So what’s a Sustainability lens??? Let me put it simply, it’s our attitude and Punekars have lots of it...Just kidding! Our attitude i.e the way we look at our surrounding neighborhood, society, locality and last but not the least our City it matters a lot. An attitude that has concern, care and solution oriented, constitutes a Sustainability lens

While reflecting on the same lines I realized that even a small act can be a Sustainable one. For instance, walking instead of using a bike to go to a nearby grocery store (not more that 500 m) can help reduce considerable carbon emissions if all of us strive for it. It has to be an concerted effort through a conscious decision and an attitude to understand why this change is required. So if it motivates you to do your bit for your city, stay tuned...

Pournima Agarkar.

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