Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My City My Responsibility - Glimpse of riverfront development

Dear All,

Today I am posting one of the pictures from the draft riverfront development plan so that you get a glimpse of the riverfront development strategy.

Kindly post your comments on the below pictures with reasons, any suggestions for making riverfront development better are welcome. Looking forward to your comments!

Source: Draft Riverfront development plan, Pune

 Pournima Agarkar.



Anonymous said...

Looks good

Priyadarshini Karve said...

I prefer the greenery over the concrete!

Mandar Upadhye said...

This looks good; but what happens to the existing riverside ecosystem?
Any plans to preserve and protect that instead of replacing it with giant concrete "ghats" for the ever-increasing human population?
The best way of "development" may just be to develop a sustainable human culture :). May be we should just clean the river of all the inorganic pollutants and let the riverside ecosystems thrive naturally. At the most native grasses and lawns may be grown on the banks to prevent soil erosion.

Ashwin Baindur said...

A couple of concept pictures don't give an idea of the riverfront development plan. Could you put up the draft proposal itself for information. We could comment on that.