Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My City My Responsibility - River an Ecosystem

Dear All, 

We saw how grey water footprint is increasing in our city and why there is a need for urgent action to save our rivers. For the same, current approach considers river to be a single entity and concreting or beautifying the riverbank is seen as the solution to restore our rivers. However, it is important to understand that a river is an entire system that consists of living (aquatic plants, animals and microorganisms) and non living (physical and chemical) components that interact with each other with the help of energy and form an ecosystem. And the area that is drained by a river is known as the catchment area or a watershed. Considering this watershed and its linkages is a crucial aspect in any river restoration program, which is clearly missing in the current river development strategy. 
Mutha river, Pune

Our rivers are the source of freshwater for us. Hence preserving our river is very important for our own survival. Also note that our river is part of our natural heritage and needs to be conserved for our future generations.

On the same lines I came across a very interesting and thought provoking message. 
Title: Water
Grandfather saw it in River
Father saw it in Well
We saw in Tap
Our children will see it in Bottle
Where will our grand children see it in Capsule???

Pournima Agarkar.


Anonymous said...

True, if not taken care now. our grand children see it in Capsule

manvendra vartak said...

First we must change our present system of carying ou shit through hundreds of kilometers. It is srely needs change. Composting of night soil with the help of soil, saw dust will convert it into good soil. Make composting as 'must' in every house, town ship. It is not Rocket science. Open defacation looks dirty , so turn it into waterless toilets and conver all food waste in to compost. I am doing it for last 20 years by simple composter.

Tania RB said...

Well written👌. We need these kind of motivation to make a change

Satish Vaidya said...

All civilisations were based on water sources. I remember a time when Mula and Mutha Rivers smelled of fish. Now they have become a huge drainage system for untreated sewage. You can actually collect methane in test tubes and burn it. A lot needs to be done to save the Rivers and make them living ecosystems.