Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My City My Responsibility - Citizens Manifesto for Sustainable City

Dear All, 

Wish you an Enthusiastic, Sustainable and Peaceful New Year!!!
An Inspiring Action for Sustainability

Last year has been really very fulfilling for me and I am glad to know, meet and have people around me who are motivated and keep motivating everyone to take up acts of Sustainability may be big or small. 

Having met all these enthusiastic people and knowing their initiatives, we thought of preparing a citizens manifesto, where we asked the citizens as to how would they want their city to be by 2030. We have been compiling all these people's perspectives since the last year and have come up with a Citizens Manifesto! This Manifesto prepared by the people of the city can be a guide or a ready reckoner for anyone who wants to work with the people and for the people.

In my last blog I mentioned about an upcoming event and I am glad to announce that on the 30th January, 2019 Wednesday, we would like to unveil our version of Citizens Manifesto to all of you for further comments and refinements. We intend for this to be a 'living' document which will keep on evolving with people's inputs.

Kindly block this date and keep watching this place for more details!!!

Pournima Agarkar.

'the power of the people is much stronger than the people in power.”Wael Ghonim.


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