Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Musings from Priyadarshini Karve: #COP27: Day 1

 #COP27: Day 1

UNFCCC's annual conference of parties (COP) is held every year during November. While the main work of negotiating for global climate action goes on through diplomatic and ministerial meetings the Observer Organisations (mainly civil society and academic organisations as well as religious faith groups) have the opportunity to connect with like minded people across the world. 

I am here at Sherm Al Sheikh in Egypt for the 27th edition of the COP and as a part of a delegation from 'Laya' the secretariat of Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC). 

On Day 1 - 7 Nov 2022 - we primarily set up the exhibition booth which has been allotted to us for 3 days. In the photograph you see us at our stall. 

From L to R: Durgesh of SayTrees, Pournima of Laya, INECC & Samuchit, Priyadarshini of INECC & Samuchit, Myron of INECC & Laya

A little bit of walking around the exhibition booths and various pavilions and soaking up the overall atmosphere and vibe is all I have done on Day 1. 

It is always interesting to visit the various country pavilions. Typically, they follow two approaches. One approach is to create a lot of open space for people to sit and talk and listen to various events happening within the country pavilion. There is some information about the country's climate action but presented subtly through posters etc. Most of the developed country pavilions are in this format. The other approach is to flamboyantly display the past and present of the country and create a welcoming vibe to tempt people to drop in and have a chat. Some also offer souvenirs from the country. This is the format followed by the developing countries generally.  

India pavilion however does neither which is perhaps appropriate as we are always in this identity crisis of whether we are developed or developing! The pavilion is a very officious and high-tech display of central government schemes contributing to climate action. There are slogans everywhere about how India's climate action is 'people-centric' but there are hardly any 'people' in the overall display. There is a closed seating area at the back for interactions being held within the pavilion. It is a tiny space with just about 20 chairs... Not expecting a lot of audience for events in the pavilion perhaps? 

A view of the India Pavilion at COP27

We have an official side event coming up on Day 2. Based on the calendar put out by UNFCC this will be the first side event of this COP and we have been assigned a 150-seater room for this. If you have any friends or colleagues at COP27 please ask them to drop by! The event is open to all registered delegates. 

Laya - INECC Side Event Invitation

Priyadarshini Karve
Director, Samuchit Enviro Tech
Convener, Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC)


  1. Good to read your first day ambience blog.:) Gives a good idea to those not at COP27 of what's happening. Heard the same remarks about the India pavilion, which is very sad. Perhaps if PM Modi was coming there would have been tons of people to "show off".

  2. "ARTI" is always believe in doing something... I am also motivated by you... Thank you 🙏

  3. Nice to hére from you on the bburning issue & the thoughts, happpnings at tthis important conference.. Hope the delegates will come up with some guidepost for the world facing the issue of global warming & climate change.
    Best Wishes,
    Vijay Vyas, India