Thursday, April 16, 2015

Samuchit's ELFD Smokeless Sampada Stove - a revolutionary smokeless stove

Samuchit presents world's first Electricity-Less Forced Draft Stove

A smart technology substitution for stoves that uses wood, biomass briquettes, coconut shells or any other woody biomass as fuel. Absolutely smokeless and clean burning of fuel.

Watch how it works

A two day exhibition on Modern Biomass Energy Technology was organized by Samuchit Enviro Tech (Pune), Electrofabrik and Phoenix Products (Belgaum) at Kannad Sahitya Bhavan on 10th and 11th April. The exhibition was inaugurated on 10 April at the hands of Mr. P.N. Dhond, Director, Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Soc Ltd Belgaum.  The function was presided over by Mr. C.V. Murkatnal, a hotelier from Belgaum who has been using smokeless stoves in his hotel kitchen for several years. 

From L to R: Mr. Sameer Kanbargi (Phoenix Products), Mr. C.V. Murkatnal, Mr. P.N. Dhond,
Dr. Priyadarshini Karve (Samuchit Enviro Tech), Mr. Sharad Walawalkar (Electrofabrik)

Demonstration of Samuchit ELFD Sampada Smokeless Stove

The exhibition showcased a number of technologies based on use of organic waste as fuels for cooking and other thermal process like heating bath water, etc., both at household and commercial scale. The main attraction was Samuchit Electricity Less Forced Draft (ELFD) Sampada Smokeless Stove useful for hotel, mess, etc. The ELFD technology is a first-of-its-kind invention of Electrofabrik and Samuchit Enviro Tech, and has been recognized by a Grant for Innovation Award from Nexus Carbon for Development, Singapore. 

The ELFD Sampada stove was operated continuously for 6-8 hrs on both days of the exhibition. Another week-long event was going on at the same venue, and a food stall owner in this event also tried out the stove. He was so happy with the performance that he requested that the stove be left with him till the end of his event! 

Check out the ELFD Sampada video demo and the food stall owner's trial at the above link.

If you know of any commercial or charitable kitchen that is using firewood or biomass briquettes as cooking fuel, do let them know about this revolutionary technology, which will save them money AND make their kitchen smokeless. 


    Samuchit Enviro Tech.

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