Friday, January 1, 2016

MUSINGS FROM PRIYADARSHINI KARVE: Sustainable Sixteen with Samuchit!

2016 is here. Samuchit Enviro Tech is entering the Sixteenth year of the century with a number of new initiatives. 

As a part of our Sustainably SMART Pune 2030 study project, we have started video documenting some of the good practices of sustainable living already present in Pune. Last week we uploaded the first of these videos on our YouTube channel. You can see the video hereWaste management has become one of the major challenges for urban India. The municipalities are failing to cope with the increasing amount of waste. The first video showcases the Kanhere family's successful adaptation of our biogas technology to deal with not just their own household food waste, but also the waste generated by a local flour mill. They have been using the biogas plant for more than 9 years. Please do check out the video. Also, do let us know of any good practices in sustainable urban living from Pune city that you know of! 

We are happy to launch a new product with the new year, named Samuchit Steam Cooker

It is a steamer fueled by charcoal, operating on a principle similar to that of our Sarai System, but its price is lower than the equivalent Sarai - Medium model, and it also allows the flexibility of using the 'cooker' part with other heat sources such as a wood stove or an LPG stove. Thus, this is the next generation of Sarai Cooking System, that has the added feature of multi-fuel operation, at a lower cost! 

And this is not all! 

We are also planning to venture into providing more sustainability focused educational services this year. I am in the process of designing a 10-12 hr Course on Carbon Footprinting, which will help academics as well as professionals in tracking the carbon emissions of their projects and ventures. This can be an important skill in view of the fact that India too will have carbon emission mitigation targets to meet now in view of the Paris agreement. Do let us know if you are interested in such a course. The details are still being worked out, so stay tuned for more information! 

Priyadarshini Karve
Samuchit Enviro Tech

    Samuchit Enviro Tech. 

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