Friday, May 8, 2015

Sustainable initiatives - the smarter choices one makes..

In our blogs, we have been talking about sustainability right from the beginning. We have been discussing about making sustainable switches, leading a sustainable lifestyle, making smart choices which would eventually benefit us all, etc..

Lifestyle workshops that brainstorm to help us think of sustainable initiatives without having to compromise on our lifestyles; sustainable cooking devices for food with more nutritional value and less harm to the environment; steps for carbon footprint reduction; clay products to cool your summers...the list is vast, really....

Amongst all these initiatives, and arguably, one of easiest initiative one can take is gift a sustainable product to someone! This is selfishly easy, because the giver makes a small change by initiating to gift a sustainable product, and the taker uses that product, directly or indirectly taking a sustainable step himself!

One such sustainable product which serves both purposes (that of the giver and receiver) are the DLight Solar Lanterns.

The word 'lantern' is rather glorified for me, I will stick to using the word 'lamp'. Being a user of these lamps personally, I know that I need not endorse them at all - they speak for themselves. The energy - efficient lamps being portable, I use it mostly as a study lantern, more of a night-lamp, tucked on the rod of my bed.

I had my own whims about using a solar product - who will charge it in the sun all the time?! I took one year to realise the fact, that, till date, I have never placed the lamp in the sun, and yet it charges sufficiently with general daylight, and lights up for me every night with varying intensity of my choice! Its fluorescent start button helps me locate it easily in the dark - yes, its portable so I tend to fold it up with my book many times!

Well, I will admit I do not value every thing that I have, but this lamp is an exception! And therefore I also value the person who gifted this to me!

Make your sustainable gifting choice today! Be a taker or a receiver or both, for a sustainable initiative!

I joined the club, and so should you!



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