Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why do I need a change?

Why should one attend a Lifestyle Workshop?

Given a typical urban setting that we have, a major chunk of our daily routine revolves around our work life, causing an imbalance between our personal and professional lives. To keep pace with the rat-race, we strive to survive, to become economically strong, grow faster, think smarter, innovate and invent...And in this process, we cause more imbalance in our lives which results in a proportional imbalance in our surroundings, environment, and nature at large!
This can be hard to believe, but the impact of this imbalance manifolds, affecting our daily budgets adversely, which in turn, heavily shoots up the energy dependencies and hence their prices (LPG, petrol, diesel, etc).

In this over-consumption based energy-intense lifestyle, where slowing down is not an option recommended for us, we need to realise that if we want our future generations to survive, we need to revamp our lifestyles!

As scary as it sounds, it is not really difficult to achieve this. All we need is some insight on how to live a 'better' life, with minimum impact on the environment and NOT compromising on urban lifestyles, too! This does not imply we move to the stone age, as thought by many people! All we do is understand the current scenarios and what difference our minuscule actions can make in bettering our lives without having our environment to suffer. One would also get enough inputs on how to reduce your own carbon emissions, and, hence, live more sustainably.

This is, again, not difficult to achieve, if we decide to make a small difference starting with ourselves.

Attend this workshop to get a hang of our real challenges, and discuss strategies of survival with minimum damage to all!

Just a few seats left... so hurry! 


    Samuchit Enviro Tech.

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