Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bharatlaxmi - a smokeless chulha that allows women to breathe well...

Bharatlaxmi (meaning, wealth of India) is a state-of-the-art cooking stove designed on the lines of a fixed improved single pot hole stove that is already popular in Maharashtra, India.
The stove, sold as a kit, contains the following components:

  • Eight bricks of insulating cement (cut to specific dimensions)
  • Pieces of pliant metallic wire for tying the bricks together
  • Cast iron fire grate
  • Metallic pot holder

Salient Features of Samuchit Bharatlaxmi stove
  • Effective in reducing indoor air pollution in low income households in rural areas of India
  • About 50% reduction in fuel consumption and about 30% reduction in cooking time.
  • Affordable to rural population
  • No behavioural change required on part of the user compared with traditional horseshoe shaped chulha
  • Releases 80% less smoke as compared to a traditional chulha.

    Samuchit Enviro Tech.

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