Thursday, July 16, 2015

Soil Pollution : How much do we think about it?

We have always given a thought to air pollution and water pollution more than once - generally because of the awareness created for these types of pollutions and/or being at the receiving end as a result of these pollutions.

I can safely say, we think least about the third major kind of pollution - soil pollution. 

We have tried to list a few points which will tell you why soil pollution is as bad!

1. Effect on Health of Humans: Considering how soil is the reason we are able to sustain ourselves, the contamination of it has major consequences on our health. Crops and plants grown on polluted soil absorb much of the pollution and then pass these on to us. This could explain the sudden surge in small and terminal illnesses.
2. Effect on Growth of Plants: The ecological balance of any system gets affected due to the widespread contamination of the soil. Most plants are unable to adapt when the chemistry of the soil changes so radically in a short period of time. The fertility slowly diminishes, making land unsuitable for agriculture and any local vegetation to survive. 
3. Decreased Soil Fertility: The toxic chemicals present in the soil can decrease soil fertility and therefore decrease in the soil yield. The contaminated soil is then used to produce fruits and vegetables which lacks quality nutrients and may contain some poisonous substance to cause serious health problems in people consuming them.
4. Toxic Dust: The emission of toxic and foul gases from landfills pollutes the environment and causes serious effects on health of some people. The unpleasant smell causes inconvenience to other people.
5. Changes in Soil Structure: The death of many soil organisms (e.g. earthworms) in the soil can lead to alteration in soil structure. Apart from that, it could also force other predators to move to other places in search of food.

So after enlightening the readers about these effects of soil pollution, the next obvious question arises: How do we stop it?
Wait till we throw some light on it next time :-)

All facts gathered from


    Samuchit Enviro Tech.

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