Thursday, August 13, 2015

Better cooking habits leading to better health

We promote sustainable food habits and sustainable cooking habits...

Monsoon is the season that brings with itself infections and diseases, reason why most of us shun outside food and rely on home-cooked food for our tummies.

This is the best time to introduce yourself with Samuchit Sarai System....One of the largest sold Samuchit products, with thick user base in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, Sarai is a favourite amongst our users!

The joy of sensing the aroma as your food is cooking, the special flavour and the retention of nutritional value due to slow cooking, makes Sarai a hit amongst its users.

Portable, light-weight, stainless steel.
Needs no attention once set up.

We also have a 'JUMBO' variant of Sarai that can cook for about 10-15 people! 

Ideal for small eateries, creches, etc., to take care of all boiling and steaming operations in a hygienic, healthy, and economical manner! 

Join the club of proud sustainable cooking habits practitioners and book your Samuchit Sarai today!

    Samuchit Enviro Tech.

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