Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MUSINGS FROM PRIYADARSHINI KARVE: Good News for Residents of Goa State!

Do you live in Goa state? This festive season, you can bring home an energy saver gift for your family. 

Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) is giving a subsidy of Rs.800 for purchase of Samuchit Sarai System - LARGE. This subsidy can be availed only upto 31 March 2016, and will be available for at most 600 customers. 

Please contact: Any BDO office anywhere in Goa state OR Mr. Machhindra Kauthankar in GEDA office (0832-2407194/ 240712 or 9822132192). 

In order to avail of the subsidy you must give copies of ration card of the family and aadhar card of a family member. Please note that this subsidy is available only in Goa state. 

Samuchit Sarai System - LARGE
Samuchit Sarai System is a steam cooker that works on charcoal. Everything that we cook by boiling or steaming can be cooked in this. With the LARGE sized Sarai, you need only about 200 g of charcoal to cook rice, vegetable, and curry (either dal or fish, chicken, etc.) for a family of 6-8 persons. For understanding operation of the Samuchit Sarai System, please check the video

The fuel can be charcoal left behind in a wood fired water heater, or any other cottage industry consuming wood as fuel. Normally the charcoal left over after the fire dies down is just allowed to burn away to ash. Simply harvest this charcoal and use it to accomplish your daily cooking, at no cost at all! Of course ordinary wood charcoal can also be purchased from charcoal merchants in your town. 

The Sarai is a slow cooker - it takes about one hour for all three items to cook. However, it dose not require any attention, does not even need to be turned off. Thus, the food gets cooked and stays warm while the other chores inside and outside the house are taken care of, and the cook actually ends up saving personal time. Furthermore, the taste of the food is much better because of the slow cooking. 

It is not essential that Sarai be used for cooking three items at a time. It can also be used for cooking just one item. For example, boiling corn, or groundnuts for snacks, cooking pulav, briyani etc., steaming idali, dhokla, etc., is possible. Moreover, use sand instead of water in the cooker pot, and the Sarai becomes an oven for baking cookies! 

Charcoal is essentially pure carbon, and its burning is much cleaner than that of firewood or any other solid biomass fuels. Thus, the particulate emission from charcoal stoves is nearly zero, leading to better indoor air quality. There is a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning whenever charcoal is burned indoors, however, this happens only if the doors and windows are tightly closed (a possibility in cold climates, but not relevant for a perpetually warm coastal state like Goa), and if the quantity of charcoal being burnt is substantially high (which is not the case here as the Sarai uses only 200 g of charcoal, and the burning continues for about 40 min or so only). 

User feedback indicates that if an LPG user household does all its steaming and boiling using Samuchit Sarai System, there is at least 25% saving in LPG. While LPG is a non-renewable fossil fuel, charcoal and especially charcoal that is a bye product of some other process, is a renewable fuel contributing zero green house gas emissions. If a household that uses wood or biomass waste for cooking, shifts to Sarai, they benefit from improvement in indoor air quality, thus reducing the burden on the health of women and children, without shifting to a non-renewable fuel. Use of Sarai System thus also helps reduce the overall climate change impact of household cooking. 

We are very grateful to GEDA for promoting this energy efficient renewable energy based clean cooking device in Goa State, and urge all our friends in Goa to take full advantage of the scheme.

All Samuchit products are also available in Goa (without subsidy) through our dealer: Lila Digital and Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd, Panaji, Goa (Contact: Mr. Chirag Patel 77199300008). 

Priyadarshini Karve
Samuchit Enviro Tech

    Samuchit Enviro Tech. 


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