Wednesday, November 4, 2015


In India, the festival season during which people generally give gifts to family, friends, associates, etc., starts with Dashera - Diwali and ends with Christmas - New Year celebrations. Please consider gifting sustainable products or ideas, and start a conversation around sustainability during this season. 

We have been promoting a number of products, which make ideal gifts for everyone. Solar lamps have become a popular gift article over the last couple of years. 

DLight S2 LampDLight S20

However, most people tend to think of solar lights as 'emergency lights' or like a torch to take on a trip or something. A solar lamp will rate as a 'sustainable' appliance if it becomes the primary source of light in the house. 

A fully charged solar lantern or a table lamp, should be the first choice for illumination when dusk gathers. Unless we are reading/writing/or doing some focused work requiring bright light, we really need lighting in the house at night for general illumination. In recent years, we have unnecessarily got ourselves used to very bright lighting in our houses. Even when we want to focus on some work in our hands, it is only the work area (e.g., the page of the book that we are reading) that needs to be lit brightly, not the entire room! 

It may feel a bit gloomy to start with, but soon you will get used to the quiet and low lighting of the LED solar lamps, and then the bright fluorescent light is what will seem harsh and stressful to the eyes. 

So, this festive season, gift yourself and your friends and family, a sustainable solar lamp, and a sustainable lighting habit to go with it.  

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Priyadarshini Karve
Samuchit Enviro Tech

    Samuchit Enviro Tech. 

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