Monday, August 31, 2020

My City My Responsibility - Citizens Participatory Budget by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)

Dear All,

ASKs for this year's budget

We request Puneities to participate in the Citizens Participatory Budget Process in large numbers. Click HERE to access the form. Note: Kindly use Internet explorer/Microsoft edge or Mozilla Firefox as a browser for filling up this form. 

The following asks have emerged from the Citizens' Charter for Sustainable Pune published last year based on a series of consultations held in the city over a two year period. We request citizens to use the participatory budget process to get their own demands fulfilled. This can be effectively done if the citizens strategically focus on just a few asks every year. Please consider putting the following three ASKs to the PMC as a step towards making your ward inclusive, safe, sustainable and resilient. 

ASK 1: Biomedical waste collection and processing centre

: Biomedical waste is generated not just in medical facilities but also in our homes. This waste category includes diapers, sanitary pads, used contraceptives, used masks, used gloves, etc. These wastes need to be handled with utmost care. Since there is a danger of harmful bacteria and viruses spreading through such wastes, it is legally mandated that the waste must be incinerated. Having an incinerator at a convenient location within the ward will minimise handling and transport of this hazardous waste. 

What: The ward level incinerator must operate with maximum efficiency (least energy consumption) and minimum pollution (no smoke, hazardous gases coming out of the chimney). To ensure this an air quality monitor must be placed near the incinerator, and it's real time reading should be available on a monitor in the ward office, for any citizen to see. This data will show if the incinerator is being used, and how safe and clean is the operation. Corrective action must be taken if the emission levels exceed permissible limits. 

ASK 2: Biogas Plant for organic waste management

: Organic waste (food waste, garden waste, etc.) is generated in every house, as well as in commercial establishments like restaurants, mess, etc. as well as in food markets. PMC requires all households to manage their own organic waste, however the bulk waste generated in other places is handled by PMC. Transporting this high volume waste to a central facility, and management of hundreds of tons of such waste daily in a central facility is energy, labour and space intensive. Ward level biogas plants can help manage the organic waste within each ward, more economically and efficiently. Biogas should be the preferred option over composting in this case as it provides a fuel and a fertilizer simultaneously, making the system economically viable. 

WHAT: There are already successful pilots in the city, which can be replicated in all the wards. The energy can be supplied to an establishment (cooking in a community kitchen, or lighting for a community facility, etc.) within the ward. The spent slurry can provide fertilizer to the public and private gardens within the ward. The system must declare daily input and output data on a monitor, and the daily data log should be available for the citizens to see. 

ASK 3: Disaster Management Cell

: A densely populated city is always more susceptible to disasters. With climate change impacts becoming more and more prominent, the city's vulnerability to various new disasters is increasing. Every ward faces different challenges in this context. Therefore every ward must have a disaster management cell that can continuously examine and update the ward level disaster preparedness plan, conduct training and orientations for citizens and other stakeholders within the ward, and help the citizens deal with the disasters as and when required.

WHAT: Disaster management cell is needed at the ward level with a specially designated staff. The cell must have access to the necessary hands on training and orientation facility, along with a data and communication centre.  

The last date to fill this form is 3rd September 2020. So HURRY UP and raise your voice for your ward!!!

Dr Priyadarshini Karve & Pournima Agarkar. 

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Arun Bandi said...

The arrangement of above three topics/issues are the useful needs helping maintain good hyginic condition if wards

T add to this, why a help centre table at each location is added to register /put up an application of requests/requirements needed to individuals from municipality/corporation, so that individual complaints are processed rapidly with intervention of block/ward volunteers at earliest

pournima said...

Thats also a good suggestion Sir. The above suggestions are just pointers.
You can always add your suggestion after close consultation with your local corporator.
I hope you filled the form!