Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Quiz is here!

Monday Quiz is here!

This week's quiz can occupy a major portion of your brain, if you think over it!

Q: Every living creature on the earth contributes, in some way, to the cycle of ecological balance. Right from an ant to an antelope, every living organism has a job to do to complete nature's cycle. What is the job of humans, in this cycle? Where do humans stand in this chain and how do they bring about an ecological balance with their actions?
In other words, every other living creature has a reason to be on earth. What is this reason for humans?
(Please refrain from non-scientific, spiritual or religious answers)

Last week's question's answer is best explained by one of our most active reader...Read on.

Q: Which of the following sources of energy are NOT renewable?
        Ans : Petroleum 
Because Petroleum has limited life source being it is produced from fossil fuels.

After buried the plants  and animals in fact flora and fauna, under high pressure and Due to reaction of pressure and temperature , the biomass converted in  crude oil..... which after purification takes the form of Petroleum. The reserves of this source are limited and if  we use in uncontrollable manner once upon time if get finished and after that we had to go towards primitive stage otherwise either we had to generate the new source or save the source of petroleum................................... .  
Prof. Dayaghan S. Rane

Thank You, for this beautiful explanation. You, indeed, are our this week's shining star winner!
We always love such kind of interactive sessions with our readers!


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