Thursday, June 18, 2015

A question to everyone from one of our readers...

One of our readers, Meera Rotti, has placed a very interesting and valid question for other fellow readers.

Q) If we have to buy pure groceries (or all the stuff- from groceries to cosmetics to handloom clothing) and pay the farmer/producer on fair-trade principle (without involving middle-men or dealers), we need to shell out at least 3 times more money than what we are paying now. So in order to be able to pay that much, we need to earn in that proportion and this, by my own experience, calls for a lifestyle that is resource and energy intensive (living in city and working in corporate industry). So is it that only the creamy-layer would be able to enjoy the benefits pure organic fair-trade produce and middle-class people like me wishing to access these products should start farming for self-sufficiency?

Readers, pour in your thoughts! Let us start a healthy discussion!



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